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Shonai TownTourist site Sightseeing

Encounter nostalgic scenery and a plethora of nature.

Nature, history, traditional festivals. There is so much to see in Shonai Town.

Shonai Town Tourist site  Sightseeing

A list of tourist sites

  • Hanabusa Shoyu

    Shinzaemon Sato is the 15th-generation owner of this soy sauce brewery that has continued to safeguard tradition and manufacturing methods. The soy sauce "fruit" (soybeans, rice, wheat fermented wi...

  • Shonai-machi Gallery Onsen Machiyu

    This new kind of hot spring facility combines a hot spring with a gallery, which is an area featuring artworks and products that create a stylish space. The machiya-zukuri architectural style is no...

  • Tachiyazawa River, one of the 100 Exquisite and Well-Conserved Waters of the Heisei period.

    Tachiyazawa River, which flows from the peak of Shonai Town, Mt. Gassan, is one of Japan's notable rivers. It flows north in the valleys of Dewa while gathering an abundance of spring water and mee...

  • Meiji Tenno Gochu Ren no Atohi

    This monument marks where the Meiji Emperor rested during his 5th visit.

  • Sato Kotoku Chujo Tsuibo no Hi

    This monument is for Kotoku Sato, who was from Shonai Town. He took the decisive measure to withdraw during the Battle of Imphal in WWII. The monument is located at Jokei Temple, his family temple.

  • Yaya Festival

    In the severe cold of mid January, this unusual ritual takes place at Chigawara Hachiman Shrine. Boys aged 5–14 pour buckets of cold water over their heads numerous times. Tubs of water are prepare...

  • Kingyo (goldfish) Festival

    Shonai Goldfish is a branded goldfish that is also called "Furisode Goldfish" because of its long tail and elegant swimming appearance. Shonai goldfish and nishikigoi are sold every day during the ...

  • Amarume Fall Festival

    It is an event where you can fully enjoy the taste of autumn in Shonai Town, including various stage events, commercial and industrial booths, agriculture and livestock booths, friendship town Mina...

  • Amarume Festival

    During the feudal lord procession held on the 15th, shrine parishioners dressed in traditional clothing and carrying a portable shrine parade from Amarume Train Station to Hachiman Shrine while sho...

  • Tateyama Park Cherry Blossom Festival

    Every year in mid April this festival is held at Tateyama Park, which is well known for its cherry blossoms and a panoramic view of the Shonai Plain. In addition to the local specialties, grilled P...


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