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Shonai TownTourist site Eating

Thoughtfully prepared foods from a rice-producing region and Shonai Town.

Shonai Town has numerous eating establishments to choose from, including ramen shops, diners, and restaurants that serve great-tasting dishes. The extremely high quality of ramen shops impresses even connoisseurs of ramen.

Shonai Town Tourist site  Eating

A list of tourist sites

  • Shonai-machi Shinsangyo Sozokan Classe

    Classe is a key facility for creating a lively town. It is housed in a rice granary in front of JR Amarume Train Station. It can be used as a base for sightseeing in Shonai Town. In addition to inf...

  • Tsuki no Sawa Onsen Kitagassanso

    This is the source for the only 3 acidic springs in the prefecture. Visitors can take a bath and warm their body and spirit. Bathers are sure to feel refreshed while looking out at the beautiful sc...

  • Ajisai

    Very popular with families, this restaurant is one of the few in town serving authentic Chinese food. The reasonably priced dishes have ample portions to satisfy even manly appetites. Parties can o...

  • Menchubo Komen

    Doors open at this ramen shop from morning on Saturdays and Sundays!

  • Tamura Shokudo

    Closes its doors when ingredients are gone.

  • Ramen Shop Tsubaki karikawaten

    Filling servings, rich soup, and food with a punch.

  • Tsuruya

    A long-established yakisoba noodle shop where customers flavor the noodles with sauce to their liking.

  • Pasutoraru

    The spicy miso ramen is highly recommended. The café is proud of its springy, thick noodles served in a rich, flavorful soup made with a secret recipe. The ramen served in a salt-based soup is also...

  • Keishoku Himawari

    Newly opened inside Yamazawa supermarket!

  • Ramen Mannin

    You won't be able to get enough. Be sure to try it!


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