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Shonai TownTourist site Amarume area

History lives on in the merchant district of Amarume.

Amarume is in the northwestern part of Shonai Town. It is an energetic commercial neighborhood with many different stores. The colorful streetscape features several historic buildings, including a tourist center housed in an 80-year old rice granary called "Classe," a 190-year old soy sauce shop, and a long-established sake brewery.

Shonai Town Tourist site  Amarume area

A list of tourist sites

  • Shonai-machi Shinsangyo Sozokan Classe

    Classe is a key facility for creating a lively town. It is housed in a rice granary in front of JR Amarume Train Station. It can be used as a base for sightseeing in Shonai Town. In addition to inf...

  • Shuuin Naitoh Memorial Museum of Watercolors

    Approximately 2000 pieces by Shuuin Naitoh, who served as chairman of the Japan Association of Watercolor Artists, are kept and displayed at this museum. Exhibits are changed by season. Located nex...

  • Hanabusa Shoyu

    Shinzaemon Sato is the 15th-generation owner of this soy sauce brewery that has continued to safeguard tradition and manufacturing methods. The soy sauce "fruit" (soybeans, rice, wheat fermented wi...

  • Hachiman Park

    Located next to Amarume Hachiman Shrine, this park has a fountain and playground equipment. Visitors can enjoy the peacocks and pigeons in the birdhouse and Seigaan, a one-story wooden sukiya-style...

  • Koidenuma Noson Park

    This park features fantastic scenery set against Mt. Chokai in the distance. Beautiful cherry blossoms bloom in the spring, and numerous carp streamers are flown to coincide with the blossoms. In a...

  • Funatsunagi no Matsu (town-designated cultural property)

    In the early Edo period, the Mogami River flowed in the vicinity of the Amarume region and boats were tied to this pine tree, giving rise to the name "Funatsunagi no Matsu" (pine tree to which boat...

  • Haraida no Jizo no Matsu

    This giant pine tree has a trunk circumference of 4 m, 30 cm and is estimated to be 400 years old. The beautiful branches spread out to form a large umbrella-like shape.

  • Amarume Hachiman Shrine

    This shrine has gathered worshippers since ancient times as the grove of the village shrine. One of three Hachiman shrines in Shonai, the main shrine was constructed in 1814 in the same style as Sa...

  • Bontenzuka Burial Mound

    Since long ago this place has been known to the locals and called names such as Shojikizan and Kamihitozuka. It was given the name Bontenzuka Burial Mound after an excavation in 1974 revealed it to...

  • Abo Memorial Tower (town-designated cultural property)

    This five-ringed tower was created in 1844 by the village youth to remember the Abo Family who governed the Amarume region and took up arms over the generations for the Minamoto Clan, Hojo Clan, an...


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