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Shonai TownTourist site Tachiyazawa area

Tachiyazawa, an area of clear waters, history, and beauty.

This area comprises the southeastern part of Shonai Town. It has clear streams stretching from Mt. Gassan in the north to the Tachiyazawa River basin. Until the Edo period, the area was also busy as the main approach for the pilgrimage to the Three Mountains of Dewa. The recently improved Ancient Haguro Road can be used to climb Mt. Haguro.

Shonai Town Tourist site  Tachiyazawa area

A list of tourist sites

  • Rokubuchi Dam

    A large debris dam in Tachiyazawa River

  • Kitagassan Forest

    This forest, located within Bandai-Asahi National Park, has a walking path stretching approximately 2 km to an observation deck. Visitors can refresh body and mind strolling amid Mother Nature.

  • Nanbusanson Grounds

    These grounds offer an area where people can fully enjoy outdoor activities such as camping and outdoor cooking in a magnificent outdoor environment in Tachiyazawa. At the annual summer event, Ryuj...

  • Onakajima Shizen Fureai-kan, Mori Mori

    The facility lets visitors experience the nature found in the Tachiyazawa River basin. It can also be used for hands-on interactive activities for groups such as elementary and jr. high school stud...

  • Gassan Shrine

    Together, Mt. Gassan, Mt. Haguro and Mt. Yudono comprise the Three Mountains of Dewa. The faithful come to Mt. Gassan because it is a sacred place for ascetic Shugendo practices. In addition, the g...

  • Trekking the Ancient Haguro Road

    Subeno is a location thought to be flowing with mystical energy. Prince Hachiko, known as the founder of the Three Mountains of Dewa, is said to have established the main shrine there on Mt. Haguro...

  • Kumagai Shrine

    Along with Dewa Sanzan and Zenpo Temple, Kumagai Shrine has long attracted worshippers as a sacred place in Shonai. Saburoube Kumagai, who is enshrined as a guardian spirit, is a noted historic ind...

  • Saburobe Kumagai Underground Tomb

    Saburobe, the deity enshrined in Kumagai Shrine, aimed to attain Buddhahood during life, and this tomb was constructed for the underground contemplation that takes place during that attainment proc...

  • Tsuki no Sawa Onsen Kitagassanso

    This is a hot spring accommodation facility in Shonai, Yamagata Prefecture, nestled in the inner parlor of the Tateyazawa River basin. Nearby are the Nanbu Yamamura Square on the banks of the Mutsu...

  • Tachiyazawa River, one of the 100 Exquisite and Well-Conserved Waters of the Heisei period.

    Tachiyazawa River, which flows from the peak of Shonai Town, Mt. Gassan, is one of Japan's notable rivers. It flows north in the valleys of Dewa while gathering an abundance of spring water and mee...


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