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Shonai TownTourist site Hot springs

Escape from the fatigue of travel at hot springs in Shonai Town.

Both Gallery Onsen Machiyu in town and Tsuki no Sawa Onsen Kitagassanso located in the midst of nature are hot springs that promote beautiful skin.

Shonai Town Tourist site  Hot springs

A list of tourist sites

  • Tsuki no Sawa Onsen Kitagassanso

    This is the source for the only 3 acidic springs in the prefecture. Visitors can take a bath and warm their body and spirit. Bathers are sure to feel refreshed while looking out at the beautiful sc...

  • Shonai-machi Gallery Onsen Machiyu

    This new kind of hot spring facility combines a hot spring with a gallery, which is an area featuring artworks and products that create a stylish space. The machiya-zukuri architectural style is no...


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