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Shonai TownTourist site Kiyokawa area

Kiyokawa, a lodging town that prospered from ships plying the Mogami River.

Kiyokawa is just about in the center of Shonai Town where the Tachiyazawa and Mogami rivers meet. There are many objects at Goshonooji Shrine pertaining to the great general, Yoshitsune who spent the night there. The area is also where Hachiro Kiyokawa, a leader in times preceding the Meiji Restoration, was born and raised. Gotenbayashi Forest is an old battleground that retains traces of a battle between the Shonai Clan and the new government army fought in the Japanese civil war between Imperial and shogunate forces.

Shonai Town Tourist site  Kiyokawa area

A list of tourist sites

  • Mogamigawa Samidare Dam/Fish Gallery

    Mogamigawa Samidare Dam is one of the largest rubber dams in Japan. In addition to information on the dam facility and fish aquariums, the underground fish gallery has windows that give a view of f...

  • Goshonooji Shrine

    The shrine deifies Mimorowake no Mikoto. The great general, Yoshitsune is said to have stopped here on his way to Hiraizumi, and the Inari Shrine on the shrine grounds is thought to have been built...

  • Site where Matsuo Basho came ashore

    Kiyokawa, where Matsuo Basho came ashore, is the starting point for the "prayer road" leading to the Three Mountains of Dewa and people came ashore here to continue on their journey to the sacred m...

  • Gotenbayashi Forest

    The forest is the battleground where the Shonai Clan and the new government army fought in the Japanese civil war between Imperial and shogunate forces. Today, there is a walking path. In 1893, the...

  • Kiyokawa Shrine

    This is where Hachiro Kiyokawa, a senior 4th rank patriot of the Meiji Restoration, is enshrined. His possessions are on permanent display in the memorial hall located on the shrine grounds.

  • Kanki Temple

    This temple has the graves of Tojibe Saito, men of the Shonai Clan who died fighting in the Japanese civil war, and people who died in the Tenpo famine. The Folding Screen of the 12 Celestials, dra...

  • Kitadate Sabo Dam

    The dam was constructed in 1612 under the supervision of Toshinaga Kitadatedaigaku, the lord of Karikawa. The construction prompted the development of expansive new rice fields and new villages, fo...

  • Shiraito no Taki Drive In

    Yoshitsune Roman Kanko is located right next to Shiraito no Taki, the scenic Mogami Gorge selected as one of Japan's best 100 landscapes. The facility has Japanese, Western, and Chinese food, local...

  • Para Shiraito no Taki

    Opened in 1972, this parlor has the flavor of days gone by.

  • Kiyokawa Kanko Gaido no Kai (Kiyokawa Tourist Information Association)

    Kiyokawa Historical Park Based on the Kiyokawa checkpoint of the Shonai clan, we will guide you through the tourist attractions in the Kiyokawa area. Please apply at least 7 days before the date of...


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