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Shonai TownTourist site Sightseeing

Encounter nostalgic scenery and a plethora of nature.

Nature, history, traditional festivals. There is so much to see in Shonai Town.

Shonai Town Tourist site  Sightseeing

A list of tourist sites

  • Kiyokawa Shrine

    This is where Hachiro Kiyokawa, a senior 4th rank patriot of the Meiji Restoration, is enshrined. His possessions are on permanent display in the memorial hall located on the shrine grounds.

  • Kanki Temple

    This temple has the graves of Tojibe Saito, men of the Shonai Clan who died fighting in the Japanese civil war, and people who died in the Tenpo famine. The Folding Screen of the 12 Celestials, dra...

  • Shuuin Naitoh Memorial Museum of Watercolors

    Approximately 2000 pieces by Shuuin Naitoh, who served as chairman of the Japan Association of Watercolor Artists, are kept and displayed at this museum. Exhibits are changed by season. Located nex...

  • Kitadate Shrine

    Toshinaga Kitadatedaigaku, who led construction of Kitadate Dam, is enshrined as a water god. A festival is held here each year from May 1–3. In addition, various leather strap armor bindings and a...

  • Kitadate Sabo Dam

    The dam was constructed in 1612 under the supervision of Toshinaga Kitadatedaigaku, the lord of Karikawa. The construction prompted the development of expansive new rice fields and new villages, fo...

  • Kamenoo no Sato Museum

    Materials on exhibit include agricultural tools and folkcraft. The museum commemorates the achievements of Kameji Abe who created the renowned Kamenoo rice plant, which led to development of high-q...

  • Monument Esteeming Kameji Abe

    This monument was built on the grounds of Koideshinden Hachiman Shrine to commemorate Kameji being awarded the Medal with Blue Ribbon (given to persons of merit for industry promotion, etc.) in 192...

  • Kenryu Temple

    This temple was constructed in 1565. On the temple grounds is a tower to praise the achievements of Kitadatedaigaku, a stela to commemorate a visit by the Emperor Meiji, and the grave of Kitadateda...

  • Banzeizan Reigan Temple

    This is a branch temple of Soon Temple in Tsuruoka that was established in the Bunroku era (1592–1595). At the time of its construction, it was of the Tendai sect of Buddhism, but later converted t...

  • Aranabeuchikawa Noson Park

    This park was constructed on land said to be home to the Aranabe kappa (mythical water-dwelling creature). Does the kappa, Heikichi and a family of kappa from Tono City, Iwate Prefecture live here?


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