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Shonai TownTourist site Fun

Thoroughly enjoy traveling in the countryside!

Have fun trekking and playing in rivers and snow. Here we introduce events and facilities in Shonai Town that can be enjoyed in all four seasons.

Shonai Town Tourist site  Fun

A list of tourist sites

  • Fanduro Gassan

    In times past, Tachiyazawa River was feared as a river that often overflowed. A legend still exists that likened the raging rapids to a dragon god (ryujin). This endurance race for off-road motorcy...

  • Panning for gold dust

    The Tachiyazawa District in Shonai Town once prospered through gold dust panning. Even now visitors can have fun panning for gold. It makes a great independent research project during summer vacati...

  • Gassan Ryujin Marathon ~ 100 Famous Waters, Historical Village, Taste Marathon ~

    By valuing contact with local residents, you can fully enjoy the great outdoors of Mt. A marathon where you can enjoy the taste of autumn from Shonai.

  • Shonai Kiryu Festival

    A 40m-long Hiryu and a 30m-long Hiryu based on the legend of the dragon in Shonai Town. A new festival where these two dragons dance to pray for a bountiful harvest and the development of the town....

  • Tateyama Park

    The site of Karikawa Castle, the residence of Kitadate Daigaku Toshinaga, the father of the construction of the large weir and the reclamation of the Shonai Plain, was developed into a park in 1914...


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