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Shonai TownTourist site Fun

Thoroughly enjoy traveling in the countryside!

Have fun trekking and playing in rivers and snow. Here we introduce events and facilities in Shonai Town that can be enjoyed in all four seasons.

Shonai Town Tourist site  Fun

A list of tourist sites

  • Cart Soleil Mogamigawa

    This racing cart course is the largest in Tohoku at 1063 m. It has hosted events such as the All-Japan Championship and series races. Top racers come to test their skills. 1-person carts can reach ...

  • Shonai Golf Club

    This champion golf course was constructed according to Mizuno course design under the direction of the professional golfer, Seiha Chin. It is a 7070-yard, 72-par course with 18 holes. The nature o...

  • Safety Park Mogami

    This park offers a specially constructed course for off-road motorcycling and is one of the best in the prefecture. A variety of events are also held here.

  • Hachiman Sports Park

    This sports park offers a softball field, a multipurpose square, and other areas where events of a national scale can be held. The park features a gymnasium, an indoor multipurpose sports ground, a...

  • Tsuki no Sawa Onsen Kitagassanso

    This is a hot spring accommodation facility in Shonai, Yamagata Prefecture, nestled in the inner parlor of the Tateyazawa River basin. Nearby are the Nanbu Yamamura Square on the banks of the Mutsu...

  • Tachiyazawa River, one of the 100 Exquisite and Well-Conserved Waters of the Heisei period.

    Tachiyazawa River, which flows from the peak of Shonai Town, Mt. Gassan, is one of Japan's notable rivers. It flows north in the valleys of Dewa while gathering an abundance of spring water and mee...

  • Kingyo (goldfish) Festival

    Shonai Goldfish is a branded goldfish that is also called "Furisode Goldfish" because of its long tail and elegant swimming appearance. Shonai goldfish and nishikigoi are sold every day during the ...

  • Amarume Fall Festival

    It is an event where you can fully enjoy the taste of autumn in Shonai Town, including various stage events, commercial and industrial booths, agriculture and livestock booths, friendship town Mina...

  • Amarume Festival

    During the feudal lord procession held on the 15th, shrine parishioners dressed in traditional clothing and carrying a portable shrine parade from Amarume Train Station to Hachiman Shrine while sho...

  • Tateyama Park Cherry Blossom Festival

    Every year in mid April this festival is held at Tateyama Park, which is well known for its cherry blossoms and a panoramic view of the Shonai Plain. In addition to the local specialties, grilled P...


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