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Shonai-machi Shinsangyo Sozokan Classe

Classe is a key facility for creating a lively town. It is housed in a rice granary in front of JR Amarume Train Station. It can be used as a base for sightseeing in Shonai Town. In addition to information on the town, there is also the restaurant, NIKU THE KURA, Addeba, a bazaar selling a variety of items; and the cafe, Amarumesei Pan,and juice Bar FELICHITA+

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Tourist site details

Shonai-machi Shinsangyo Sozokan Classe
108-1 Sawada, Amarume-aza, Shonai Town, Higashitagawa-gun, Yamagata Prefecture
Contact information
Shonai Town Commerce, Industry and Tourism Section
Telephone no.
Contact information for each tenant
/Nandemobazaru TEL no. 0234-42-1777
/NIKU THE KURA TEL no. 0234-1359
/Café Amarumesei Pan TEL no. 0234-42-1359
/FELICHITA+ TEL:090-3131-0668

Access map

The following Shonai-machi Shinsangyo Sozokan Classe is also recommended.

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