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Banzeizan Reigan Temple

24th of the 33 sacred places visited during the Rakuyo Kannon Pilgrimage in Shonai

This is a branch temple of Soon Temple in Tsuruoka that was established in the Bunroku era (1592–1595). At the time of its construction, it was of the Tendai sect of Buddhism, but later converted to the Soto school. The running figure of Daikoku (god of wealth) in the main temple is not sculpted atop a straw rice bag since this is a rice-producing area.
Religious Sect: Soto school
Seven Deities of Good Fortune: Daikokuten (god of wealth; Indian god)
Divine Help: Happiness, fortune, accomplishments

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Tourist site details

Banzeizan Reigan Temple
42 Akoya, Karikawa-aza, Shonai Town, Higashitagawa-gun, Yamagata Prefecture
30 parking spaces; parking for large buses available
Telephone no.
Worship Hours: 8:00–17:00
Application in Advance: Groups must apply in advance

Access map

The following Banzeizan Reigan Temple is also recommended.

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