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Shonai TownTourist site Karikawa area

Karikawa, a pioneer in Japanese wind power generation.

Karikawa is located slightly north of the center of Shonai Town. It has prospered through wind power generation that leverages the stormy "Kiyokawa Dashi," one of the three gustiest winds in Japan. There are many sites to see, including Windome Tachikawa, a facility that promotes understanding of wind and wind power generation; Kitadate Shrine, which enshrines Toshinaga Kitadatedaigaku who dug the Kitadate Dam (the cornerstone of rice production in Shonai Plain); and Tateyama Park, a site well-known for beautiful cherry blossoms.

Shonai Town Tourist site  Karikawa area

A list of tourist sites

  • Shonai Golf Club

    This champion golf course was constructed according to Mizuno course design under the direction of the professional golfer, Seiha Chin. It is a 7070-yard, 72-par course with 18 holes. The nature o...

  • Safety Park Mogami

    This park offers a specially constructed course for off-road motorcycling and is one of the best in the prefecture. A variety of events are also held here.

  • Ramen Shop Tsubaki karikawaten

    Filling servings, rich soup, and food with a punch.

  • Teuchisoba Sanjirosoba

    A long-established soba noodle shop near Byakkosan.

  • Fusha Ichiba

    The wind turbines lined up along National Rt. 47 mark the spot. This market sells fresh vegetables and mountain vegetables harvested in town, as well as an abundance of foods including sweets, read...

  • Tateyama Park Cherry Blossom Festival

    Every year in mid April this festival is held at Tateyama Park, which is well known for its cherry blossoms and a panoramic view of the Shonai Plain. In addition to the local specialties, grilled P...

  • Tateyama Park

    The site of Karikawa Castle, the residence of Kitadate Daigaku Toshinaga, the father of the construction of the large weir and the reclamation of the Shonai Plain, was developed into a park in 1914...


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