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Shonai Town Tourist sites

Kiyokawa Hachiro Memorial Hall

This memorial hall was built 100 years after the death of Hachiro Kiyokawa in commemoration to preserve keepsakes and exhibits.

Hachiro Kiyokawa played a significant role in the Meiji Restoration and is said to have been an advocate of reverence for the emperor and the overthrow of the shogunate. This facility houses and exhibits his possessions and other items.
Also, the graves of Hachiro Kiyokawa and his wife Oren are located at nearby Kanki Temple.

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Tourist site details

Kiyokawa Hachiro Memorial Hall
37 Kamikawara, Kiyokawa-aza, Shonai Town, Higashitagawa-gun, Yamagata Prefecture
Business hours
March–November: 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Mon., December–February
General Admission400yen Senior High School Student300yen Junior High School Student200yen Below Elementary School StudentFree Physically Disabled and Their attendants200yen
Contact information
Kiyokawa Hachiro Memorial Hall
Telephone no.

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The following Kiyokawa Hachiro Memorial Hall is also recommended.

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