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Site where Matsuo Basho came ashore

Kiyokawa was where ships plying the Mogami River docked. It served as a key transit point connecting Shonai with inland areas.

Kiyokawa, where Matsuo Basho came ashore, is the starting point for the "prayer road" leading to the Three Mountains of Dewa and people came ashore here to continue on their journey to the sacred mountains.
The busy traffic back then of people coming and going to Mt. Haguro translated to hustle and bustle for Kiyokawa.
There was also said to be a checkpoint at this key transit point in the Edo period. Today, Funatsunagi no Enoki and traces of wells still remain.
Matsuo Basho sailed down the Mogami River and landed at Kiyokawa. It is said that he composed the haiku, "Gathering the rains of the wet season—swift the Mogami River" while on the boat.

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Tourist site details

Site where Matsuo Basho came ashore
1-1 Hanazaki, Kiyokawa-aza, Shonai Town, Higashitagawa-gun, Yamagata Prefecture
Business hours
8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
1,000 yen/hr. for 1 guide
10 parking spaces
Contact information
Kiyokawa Kanko Gaido no Kai (Kiyokawa Tourist Information Association) (Office: Kiyokawa Community Center, Tachikawa Branch Office, Shonai Town Hall )
Telephone no.

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