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Trekking the Ancient Haguro Road

Retrace an ancient pilgrimage route leading to the main shrine of the Three Mountains of Dewa.

Subeno is a location thought to be flowing with mystical energy. Prince Hachiko, known as the founder of the Three Mountains of Dewa, is said to have established the main shrine there on Mt. Haguro after his own repeated practice of asceticism. The Japanese mountain asceticism called Shugendo spread from there.
The trekking course runs along the Ancient Haguro Road from that spot to Dewa Sanzan Shrine.
When trekking one way, the group disbands at Dewa Sanzan Shrine and participants must make their own arrangements for return transportation.

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Tourist site details

Trekking the Ancient Haguro Road
Hachiko Village, Ancient Haguro Road, Tachiyazawa, Shonai Town, Higashitagawa-gun, Yamagata Prefecture
Business hours
March–mid November (Sat., Sun., holidays) (When there is snow, snowshoes are used.) Time Required: 4 hrs.
Guide Fee: 4,000 yen(one way) or 6,000 yen(round trip) per guide for groups of 10
Contact information
Shonai Town Hall Tachiyazawa River Basin Promotion Subsection; Commerce, Industry and Tourism Section
Telephone no.
FAX no.
Reservation required (May not be available, depending on the instructor's schedule.) The number of participants is negotiable.

Access map

The following Trekking the Ancient Haguro Road is also recommended.

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